Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 12 post surgery

Hi all!

I feel like my swelling just isn't coming down much and I'm almost at two weeks.  I really hope at three weeks I look more like myself.  I'm so so concerned with this healing process to speed up because I am worried that my smile won't look good.  However, I've discovered I can finally smile with my mouth closed.  So I figured at least I can fall back on a closed mouth smile if my teeth smile doesn't work out as I hoped.. :(.  I have a poor attempt at a teethy smile at the moment.  Maybe it's because my upper lip area and my nose are still fairly numb that my lip won't move up properly when I try to smile... which makes it look pathetic. I suppose I'll wait till my three week mark, and hopefully it gets better.  Other than that I'm doing fine, just becoming impatient and wanting real food already.  I don't know how much longer I can take on this diet.  Anyways, sorry for the pitty party, here are today's photos.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 10 Progress - before & after

I'm obviously still very swollen, but just showing you all where I'm at.  Also, the photos are not correctly placed. On the top, the left photo is before the surgery.  On the bottom, the right photo is before the surgery.  Sorry the quality is terrible on this upload.  I have a mac and I used picasa to create the collage in order to do this.  If anyone knows a better way, I would love some guidance.  Thank you!

Day 10

Hi everyone,

Over all, I am feeling pretty good.  As usual, just swollen and numb.

Concerns:   I mentioned to a fellow blogger who had her surgery a week prior to mine, that I am worried about how my smile is going to look.  As of right now I have this weird space in between my bite.  I know this will eventually be corrected, I just worry that people will be like "She just had surgery, and that's how her smiles looks??"... in a bad way.  My orthodontist said it is time for them to correct the rest, my surgeon has done all he can, so they'll finish off the work.  Just a waiting game until they can start working on my teeth after this all heals up.  I'm not sure when the first adjustment happens.  If anyone else who has had this done can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Discomfort:  At night time I often experience discomfort in my right TMJ, which causes my ear to ache as well. I had a small about of pain around my nose yesterday.  However, so far not enough pain to make me complain to much about it.  To be honest, I've had worse pain from cramps that I have from this surgery so far.  Maybe I'm lucky so far and should knock on wood for saying that, because I know others are feeling pain still at three weeks.  I thank God that I'm not experiencing that.  Anyways,  other discomfort would include this weird chilling/cold feeling in my lower gums and lower teeth in the front.  I know others are experiencing this to, I'm not sure if it is from lack from
blood flow at the moment or what.

Bruising:  I haven't really had any.  We noticed a small amount of yellowing last week, but nothing prominent enough to mention. 

Cleanliness:  I still brush my teeth after every meal.  I haven't been doing salt water rinses.. bad I know.

Bands:  I forgot to mention this I think, but I am changing my band daily myself.  I am supposed to be wearing one band on each side every day, and I am supposed to attach an extra band to each side for night.  I have found the best way to change my bands is with a tweezer.  I tried, and there is absolutely no way my fingers can get that far back in my mouth to attach the band to a hook.  The tweezer is the easiest way, and I got the hang of it quickly.  So it takes no time to change them.

Food: Today I blended a turkey patty, with potatoes and gravy.  It was pretty tasty.  I am starting to get desperate for real food, not sure if I'll start blending more food or not.  I'll keep you updated. Other than that, I've eaten some mashed up beans, yogurt, broccoli and cheddar soup.  Thought the beans would be a good source of protein. I feel like I am lacking protein big time at this time.  I have been watching the food network and pinning food on pinterest like crazy; planning all that I am going to eat when this is all over.

Weight:  So far I have lost 10 lbs.  I started at 135 lbs and I am down to 125lbs.  No joke, I don't remember the last time I have seen the number 125 on my scale, lol.  Once I can start eating normally again, I know I'll gain most of it back quickly.  I love my junk food... ugh! I just wasn't born to be a vegetarian.  I cant wait to have a burger or steak! MMM!

Here are my day 10 photos:
My attempt at a smile

See the space on the left? :(

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Day 7 Post-Op appointment

Hi everyone,

Today I had my post-op appointment.  It was really quick and to the point.  He changed my bands and told me to change them every day and put two on for night.  Sounds like I'll be wearing bands for quite some time.  He said things were looking good for where I am at.  He also said I can attempt to smile and laugh as much as I want, it won't bother a thing.  Funny thing, he told me to get a decent size button and start pursing my lips as if I was kissing it until I can hold it with my lips.  He said it's good exercise... lol! Doctors orders! I mentioned that I was hoping to go back to work in two weeks, he said "Why don't you go back now? You're doing great and look great!" lol.. flattery.. I am not going back to work yet.  I am a server. Not ready for hours of public appearance where I can smile properly, not to mention hardly talk normally. 

Anyways, as I mentioned in a prior post, I felt a bump on my nose and we kept thinking it might have something to do with my sinuses.  Turns out, it is the plate that was inserted to keep my jaw together to heal.  He told me to try not touching, because I'll become fixated on it.  However, if in 6 weeks or so, it really bothers me, he said he can remove it, but he has to wait for my jaw to heal up first.  Not sure I want to go through another surgery so soon again, this recovery has been enough.  So I'll try to ignore it, as long as it doesn't become visible.  Also, I asked him about if I should still be sleeping elevated, he said I can sleep however I am comfortable. That was great news.  I have nothing but great things to say about this surgeon. I love his honesty and relaxed attitude.  I trust him, he's been great, and I have heard only amazing things about him.

I also went to my ortho appointment and they were really surprised I could open my mouth as far as I can.  I will show you all yet, but I'm really tired at the moment, its been a long day; nonetheless, it was nice getting away for the day/evening.  We ended up heading over to my sisters for dinner and she made me cheddar & broccoli soup.  It was ridiculously amazing; she is an amazing cook in my books.  Thanks for that soup sis! Also, she let me take the rest home.  So sweet of her, because I feel like I am running out of ideas for what to eat.  I just don't feel comfortable chewing yet, I don't feel like my jaw is strong enough yet.  Maybe as my second week moves forward, that will change.


DAY 7!!!

Hey everyone!

So I finally made it to day 7!!! YAY!! I am so excited! I can't wait till I am two weeks in.  To be honest, this week has gone by really fast; my mom agreed.  I couldn't sleep till 3:30am last night and got up at 9am.  We got an early morning breakfast visit from my SOL and my nephew.  Love that little guy!  lol, I think at this point I just look like I am chubby, so I don't scare the kids anymore.  Yay!
Anyways, so today I am feeling good.  I have my first post-op appointment today, and my first orthodontist check-up since the surgery.  I'll let everyone know how both appointments are going.  I put some make up on for the appointment. I felt it was hard to put my powder on evenly.

My cute nephew!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day 5 post surgery

Hey Everyone!
Sorry,  I was feeling pretty low energy the past couple days, so I didn't get online to show you my progress or let you know how I am doing. 
Today I am feeling pretty energy filled, however, I still get my low energy spouts where I need time to rest for a couple hours.  However, I was definitely feeling like I had more energy today than all the other days since surgery.  My parents keep telling me that they notice the swelling has come down substantially which is really reassuring to me that I am healing and everything will be back to normal.  I keep waiting for bruising, I know some of you have bruised within the first week and others I talk to, only started bruising at the two week mark.  I don't bruise easily in general, so I keep hoping maybe I won't have much bruising.  Then again, I feel like its a normal part of the healing progression, so I want it to start so it seems like I am still moving forward.  I guess we'll wait and see.  I haven't had any pain yet which is great.  Just swollen and numb. Eck!
Yesterday, I took a really hot bath and nearly fainted afterwards.  Nothing like that has ever happened to me before where my eye sight is blacked out and I can hardly stand.  I didn't want my mom to see me naked so I kept trying to figure things out on my own! LOL... geez! Anyways I splashed cold water on my face and took a cold cloth put it over my face and sat down.  When I was able to see clearly and felt slightly better I called for my mom because I had a towel on at that point.  She came and brought me really cold water and helped me over to the bed to lie down for a while and cool off.  It was scarey to me, since I've never experienced that before.  And.. well HELLO! I just got this face worked on, the last thing I wanted was to fall on it and have to get anything fixed, lol.   Anyways, I learned my lesson on taking it easy on the hot water.  I suppose my lack of diet maybe had something to do with it as well.
I have been trying to eat a decent amount, but its just exhausting.  Also, I am getting full a lot quicker now. Still sticking to my morning oatmeal, soups, and today for dinner mac and cheese (blended). lol, it really wasn't so bad.  Something different for a change.  My mom is so great and has made a few home made soups.  I am really grateful that I don't have to continuously eat canned soup.
I noticed some of you aren't able to brush.  My surgeon didn't end up putting a band on my front teeth so I can open my mouth about an inch.  So I can fit a small spoon, and a baby tooth brush in my mouth to clean it out.  I feel bad for those of you that were told they couldn't brush with a tooth brush.  My surgeon told me to brush about a million times a day.
My first check up with my surgeon is on Thursday, as well as my first orthodontist appointment since my surgery.  My ortho is just wants to see how things are going.  

The annoying things? I cant wait for my sinuses to be back to normal, in addition to the swelling around there.  I have some weird bubble/knot/I don't even know what it is going on near my sinuses.  I'll be asking the doctor on Thursday and I'll keep you guys updated.  I know it hasn't even been a week yet, but this numbness and swelling in my lips/chin are sure not fun.  Are any of you getting more feeling back near the second week or at latest third? lol

Today my parents kept doing/saying funny things, its really really hard for me to not smile.  My attempt is hilarious and when I started laughing I had to leave the room sometimes because I felt like I was going to strain my face or something! lol! 

Anyways, all in all things aren't so bad.  It could definitely be a lot worse I think.  I really hope I like my smile at the end of this all.  That seems to have been a common concern of everyone who has gotten this done, so that comforts me a bit considering everyone's end result seems to have turned out great. 
Here are some photos from this evening.  Sorry, the lighting is not very good for the evening of course.  Ps. I also cannot wait to see my darn cheek bones.  And.. put some makeup on lol

Flowers from my bestest Jessie!!! Love you!!

From my loving parents!! They've been amazing! Forever grateful!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day 3 post surgery

So this is day 4 hey?  I am still majorly swollen and numb.  It’s gross, but I am drooling a lot and can’t feel when water/food is on my bottom lip or on my chin.   So far I haven’t really had any pain.  I took myself off the T-3’s and started taking extra strength advil instead and my normal amoxicillin to help with the swelling. I think I am fairly lucky because I haven’t been getting sick.  IT sounds like many of my fellow jaw surgery bloggers threw up a few times.  I have taken some anti-nausea meds a few times, but not a whole.  I feel like I am been eating a decent amount of food, but I am still losing weight; 4.5 lbs in the last four days to be exact. 
Really the most annoying thing about recovery is my sinuses and how swollen I am.  Sometimes when I eat I hear a clicking noise, but my parents and I have come to the conclusion it is most likely just my sinuses.  (little bubbles or something).  Also, I bought a few ensure drinks, because I thought it’d be a great way to keep my calorie intake up.  Well I drank one and decided never again.  My stomach is sensitive to milk, so I am not sure what I was thinking.  It hurt my stomach like crazy and that is probably when I felt most sick.  So I’ll stick with a lot of homemade soup, pudding, jello, ice cream, and smoothies.  For my smoothies I have been putting protein powder, spinach, some avocado, and then a jamba juice pre-mixed smoothie package (They’re super handy).
  I am counting down the days till my one week mark and two week mark.  Everyone keeps telling me things will start getting better after day 7!! PLEASE I HOPE YOU’RE RIGHT!
Anyways, hope things are going well for everyone else who got the surgery done and is in recovery! 

  Not the most flattering pictures, but there you go. This is on day four.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 1 post surgery

So I think I've mentioned I'm at my parents now. My sister sent me more photos from me at the hospital. There will be a side profile photo from yesterday. Also, my sweet sisters family brought me a dozen roses! Soo sweet:) I love flowers:) and also a photo from how I look today. I know its only day 2 so far, but I haven't lost a pound yet, yay! Trying to eat a lot. Everyone's encouraging words are helping so much. Thank you for all the support! Hope I can sleep tonight.

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Day after surgery

Hi everyone,
I am at my parents now and still really swollen. I've been super exhausted and not really up for going on my computer and hardly texting. This isn't the easy process I've ever gone through.
The first night I slept for 20 min at a time and has to use the bathroom every hour. The nurses kept laughing at how much I had to pee. They finally turned my IV down to keep me hydrated cause I was drinking a few cups of water throughout the night. Also I drank 3/4 can of ginger ale and had a small bowl of tomato soup. This morning I had a small bowl of oatmeal and jello. For lunch I have borcshe broth and some pudding. About to have more tomato soup for dinner.
Here is a photo of my at the hospital yesterday afternoon after the surgery. Btw, they did my upper and lower jaw.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tomorrow is surgey day! Before photos

So tomorrow is my surgery day.  My orthodontist put my surgical hooks on this morning.  She is actually a graduate student and I absolutely adore her.  She put me at ease by telling me another patient of hers who just got jaw surgery done is looking great after a week.  That patient had the same surgeon as I have.  I have  heard nothing but amazing things about this surgeon.  Hearing all the positive reviews really makes me feel so much better.  Although, I am still a bit nervous.

I have been packing my things this afternoon, because I am staying with my parents for the next couple weeks while I recover. Did I mention how blessed I am to have such amazing parents? :)
Anyways, here are my before photos.

Monday, 15 October 2012

List of supplies

The things I have gathered for post-surgery
  1. baby extra soft toothbrush
  2. Colgate wisps
    1. These, you can only get in the U.S. :(  Thankfully, a great friend at my work provided me with a zip lock bag of these.  They are tiny on-the-go tooth brushes with hardened tooth paste in the centre of them. 
  3. kids tooth paste
    1. because it doesn't foam much
  4. baby spoons
  5. heating pad
  6. Ice/Hot gel pack
  7. Hair application bottles
    1. Let me explain this one.  I read on many blogs that people that live in the U.S. who have gotten this surgery done, use these other bottles which are made for those who get jaw surgery done. Amazing for salt-water rinses, and just drinking water because it has a narrow spout.  I looked into ordering a couple of these bottles. They were $14.99, not bad at all right?  Shipping to Canada was approximately $75.00.  Needless to say I decided to improvise in order to avoid paying $90 for a bottle.
  8. q-tips
  9. vicks kleenex 
  10. Humidifier 
  11. Notebook to use for medications etc.
  12. Ipod
  13. Books Books, Text Book
  14. Magic bullet
  15. Ensure meal replacement drinks
  16. pre-portioned smoothie mixes (from costco.. amazing!!)
  17. My mom said she'd make me soup.. she's amazing
  18. pudding
  19. oatmeal

1st post 2 days till surgery!!!!

Hi all,
So I am going to attempt to blog my jaw surgery experience. My jaw surgery date is schedule for Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 in the morning. Let me give you the low down on my braces journey.  I am 25 years old and my braces were put on in March 2010, so I have had them on now for two and a half years.  Needless to say, I am ready to get them off.

What I did not like about my smile?
  •  My two front teeth protruding 
  • Over bite
  • Gummy smile
  • Narrow smile/bite
Over the past couple years my teeth have widened out, which has taken away from my narrow bite, my teeth have been straightened out with the braces, which has taken away from the two front teeth protruding. My overbite has slightly improved with the braces, nonetheness; they cannot fully correct it with the braces for the reason being my upper jaw growing out further than normal, which also contributed to my gummy smile.  In order to correct these my gummy smile and over bite, they suggested jaw surgery.  Many people think I'm nuts for going through for this, but others who have had it done remind me it will all be worth it in the end.  I figured if I am doing the braces now, I might as well go all out and correct every thing so I don't regret it down the road.  Also, I am getting my orthodontic treatment done through the University of Manitoba graduate clinic, because of this, I am provided with a major discount on not only my braces, but also, on the surgery.  I am paying $410, I really had to take this opportunity as the normal price is nearly $2000, unless in fact  they have reason to believe your jaw misalignment is of medical concern for the future; medicare will then cover a portion of the cost.

If you want to save money on getting your teeth straightened, I would highly recommend the graduate clinic.  You will save at least 50% of the normal cost and I believe, if you have insurance, you can use that as well and bring your costs down substantially even after the first discount.  Although, it takes one year to get your first consultation.  You must be tolerant of the slow process.  For that price, I had to learn patience.


My over bite.
 My most recent close up photo of my teeth.  My two front teeth will need to be worked with once the braces come off.  They are longer than the other teeth because my orthodontist needed to keep my gum line straight.  Eventually the bottom of those teeth will be even with the rest.

I am staying at my parents for recovery, so I will try my hardest to keep everyone updated on how my surgery went and how recovery is going.   

I have been blessed by so many amazing friends and family.  A shout out goes to my amazing cousin Michelle, who had jaw surgery done by the same surgeon.  She has been so helpful and supportive over text (she lives in another province).  I am so thankful for her caring/loving nature.  To my best friends, who have constantly been checking to make sure I am not to nervous and providing me with pep talks, it has helped me more than you will ever know. It has definitely taken my anxiety down ten fold.  To my Tavern family, I have built great friendships with so many of the people working here.  They are my outlet to have a great laugh and feel utterly loved.  They have constantly been asking how I am feeling, and shown how much they care. I love you all so much!! So many of you are the reason I love coming to work so much.  Last, but not least, my family.  They are the ones that remind me of my hope and faith in God that he will take care of me throughout this process.  My mom and sister remind me of the power of prayer throughout this undertaking.  I am so grateful for my amazing parents, whose house I will be staying at during recovery.  I know many people feel this way, but I probably have the best parents in the world.  My mom is so compassionate, and reminds me of how much love the family has to offer, and my dad inspires me with his intelligence, wisdom, and drive to no end. 
Much <3 to everyone!! See you soon!!!