Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Hey everyone!

So I was finally debraced two weeks ago!!!!!!  Sorry I have been absolutely terrible at updating my blog and how I have been doing. And for those who are waiting for the day their braces are removed, let me tell you, its everything and more than you could imagine! hehe (So dramatic!) 

There were certain things that me and my ortho noticed could have been corrected still once the braces were removed, but it all honesty, from where I was before the braces, to where I am now.. I am ecstatic! I finally feel confident smiling at people and speaking face to face with someone without feeling anxious and self-conscious of how my teeth look! I cannot describe the sense of relief I feel. 

So when I exercise my jaw I can usually open it three fingers apart, but there are times when I can do only two fingers.  I am curious how some of you are doing with this post-op.  I am 8 months post op (feels crazy to think it was that long ago). I remember crying so much for the first two months scared I made the wrong decision because my bite still was not perfect, and I was still SO swollen.  I remember asking my surgeon "So is this just what I am going to look like forever" and he responded, "I think you look great!"  lol.... He tried to make me feel better at least.  I'm still so thankful for all the support from my friends and family.  I honestly cannot imagine going through that without their love, support, and compliments to move me forward.  THANK YOU!!!!!

I can say 100% I am now so incredibly happy with the outcome.  I look back at old photos and cringe, I was so unhappy with my smile for so so many years.  It was worth the 3+ years in braces and the upper/lower jaw surgery. I honestly think without the surgery, I wouldn't have been as happy with the outcome as I am now after going through with it.  No regrets at all.  Best feeling ever.   I tried to find some old photos to add to show my before and after.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

7 months

Hello readers!

Sorry I have been MIA for a long long time.  I have been so busy with work and school that I have not taken any time to update my blog.  I apologize to everyone that is wondering who is wondering how I am doing 7 months later.

I am doing great and have become really satisfied with my new smile.  It took me about 4-5 months to start loving my new smile.  My orthodontist had to make some adjustments to my teeth and bite and it really changed a lot since my surgery.  My orthodontist tells me now that I have come a long way because she was extremely concerned as she could tell I was not happy with the outcome.  I tried to be very positive; although, I was pretty concerned to be honest.  I had a lot of friends and family support me and compliment me a lot.  I am ever so thankful for all of them and the excessive amount of love I needed after the surgery.  Anyways, I am at the point that I am happy with my smile, not everything is 100% perfect, but I am happy because my smile has come a long long way from where it was before my braces.  I look back at old photos, and it makes me like my new smile even more.  Just getting used to the fact that I feel my face looks a little chubbier now... more rounded and even younger looking than before.  (I know I'll appreciate that when I'm much older).

Anyways, my bite is feeling great.  I can feel that I still don't have 100% full strength in my bite still, but it is close.  I can put the blame on myself for that, I don't push myself to bite into a lot of sandwiches that might be tougher to bite into with my front teeth; nonetheless, I can feel my teeth get stronger every week.

I can open my jaw about three fingers apart by now.  Every now and again it is a bit stiff and I can only open it two fingers apart, but for the most part it is three fingers apart.

My bottom lip and part of my chin is still a bit numb... I get tingling when I touch it, and can feel a bit, but I definitely do not have full feeling back.  I am not sure at this point if that will ever come back.  Also, I believe certain areas of my gums don't have 100% feeling, but I am not to concerned about that.

If anyone has any questions, ask away, I will try to check back and answer them.  I feel out of the loop and not sure what to tell my readers because I feel so back to normal at this point.  It's awesome!!! OH! GOOD NEWS!! I am scheduled to get my braces off by the end of June / beginning of July.  I am SO excited!!!!!!!

I don't have any posed photos that are focused on my teeth, but I'll try to find some where u can get an idea as to what my smile looks like now.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 77 update

Hi everyone!

Just a little update as to how I am doing. I am feeling like a million bucks in comparison to my first month after surgery.  Other than that I have a cold flu happening which isn't making me feel the greatest, but I'll take that instead of the one month post op feeling. hehe.
I am supposed to be wearing my bands 24/7 and I'm not.  Ugh, they're just so in the way when I am working, I hate it. Plus, they look nasty cause they're near the front of my mouth.  I know terrible excuse for someone who wants their braces off ASAP.  My joints are still achy from the bands, but much more bearable than a month ago.
My swelling has come down substantially I think.
Numbness has decreased a bunch.  My numb area is my lower lip and chin.  I'd say it is still about 20%-40% numb still. A lot better than even a month ago.

I still can't open my jaw much, about the same as a month ago.  Possibly a bit more movement side to side.  Eating is becoming much more normal.  I am more daring at this point also.  I don't bite into things with my front teeth yet though.  They just don't feel strong enough.  Everything is still eaten at the back of my mouth with a fork.

I haven't really gained any weight back, I think I am still sitting at 123 lbs. I started at 135 lbs.  Although then I was eating a lot worse, I work in a pub, so a lot of deep fried food was being contained.  I don't each much of that right now, so I think that is a big contributor to my weight.  I get the comments "Nancy, your just to skinny, you need to gain some weight back! You look sick"  I hate it! lol.  I really don't think I look "sick".  Others tell me I look great, so I'll try to focus on that more.

I am definitely becoming more comfortable with how I look most of the time.  I feel much better about my self than two months ago. Nonetheless, still cant wait to see the final product of when the braces come off. yay!

I haven't taken any proper photos, so here is a couple just taken with my phone over the past week or two.