Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 77 update

Hi everyone!

Just a little update as to how I am doing. I am feeling like a million bucks in comparison to my first month after surgery.  Other than that I have a cold flu happening which isn't making me feel the greatest, but I'll take that instead of the one month post op feeling. hehe.
I am supposed to be wearing my bands 24/7 and I'm not.  Ugh, they're just so in the way when I am working, I hate it. Plus, they look nasty cause they're near the front of my mouth.  I know terrible excuse for someone who wants their braces off ASAP.  My joints are still achy from the bands, but much more bearable than a month ago.
My swelling has come down substantially I think.
Numbness has decreased a bunch.  My numb area is my lower lip and chin.  I'd say it is still about 20%-40% numb still. A lot better than even a month ago.

I still can't open my jaw much, about the same as a month ago.  Possibly a bit more movement side to side.  Eating is becoming much more normal.  I am more daring at this point also.  I don't bite into things with my front teeth yet though.  They just don't feel strong enough.  Everything is still eaten at the back of my mouth with a fork.

I haven't really gained any weight back, I think I am still sitting at 123 lbs. I started at 135 lbs.  Although then I was eating a lot worse, I work in a pub, so a lot of deep fried food was being contained.  I don't each much of that right now, so I think that is a big contributor to my weight.  I get the comments "Nancy, your just to skinny, you need to gain some weight back! You look sick"  I hate it! lol.  I really don't think I look "sick".  Others tell me I look great, so I'll try to focus on that more.

I am definitely becoming more comfortable with how I look most of the time.  I feel much better about my self than two months ago. Nonetheless, still cant wait to see the final product of when the braces come off. yay!

I haven't taken any proper photos, so here is a couple just taken with my phone over the past week or two.